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 LLP, established in 2008, the Department of large-scale integrated national law firm. With the firm continued development and growth, international business has become increasingly mature, which has more than proficient in English, Japanese, German, French, Korean lawyer. International business firms in the strong support of all sectors is steadily rising. In order to further promote international business, business exchanges with other countries to strengthen the judiciary and the legal profession, warmly welcomed the judiciary and law firms come to my visit exchanges, and establish strategic partnerships.
Currently the firm has with the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries and relevant government departments, professional bodies and law firms have good, more frequent academic exchanges and cooperation projects, some also established long-term business relationship.

Currently law firms and bar associations to cooperate with overseas include:

Enterprise cooperation

  • Kidd (Gide) law firm
  • French Deschamps (AVOCATE DS) law firm
  • Lewis Morgan (LEWIS MORGAN);  
  • USA (MILBANK, TWEED, HADLEY America & McCLOY LLP) law firm
  • REID & THELEN (LLP PRIEST) law firm
  • (HASCHE) law firm
  • Hongkong Ma Roth (MASTER)
  • law firm
  • Italy Fusani Gandolfi law firm
  • Canadian Bar Association

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Wechat Num:bbin直营平台哪个稳定,bbin网址,bbin真人,bbin官方直营平台,bbin直营网站多少,bbin直营网哪个好,bbin直营网排名,bbin直营网站靠谱吗,bbin直营平台网址,澳门bbin游戏网站

bbin直营平台哪个稳定,bbin网址,bbin真人,bbin官方直营平台,bbin直营网站多少,bbin直营网哪个好,bbin直营网排名,bbin直营网站靠谱吗,bbin直营平台网址,澳门bbin游戏网站    bbin直营平台哪个稳定,bbin网址,bbin真人,bbin官方直营平台,bbin直营网站多少,bbin直营网哪个好,bbin直营网排名,bbin直营网站靠谱吗,bbin直营平台网址,澳门bbin游戏网站

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