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bbin官方网站平台Intellectual property rights

 Intellectual property business unit has a professional team of legal experts and the protection of intellectual property lawyers, engaged in patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets, intellectual property and other network-related fields of study and practice of intellectual property protection, has Acting trademark infringement, patent infringement, copyright infringement, defamation infringement disputes, protection of computer software and other rights cases, has a wealth of practical experience in copyright, unfair competition, trade secrets and intellectual property legal services network outstanding performance.
Business scope
  • Intellectual property trade negotiation, contract drafting and review
  • The formulation and implementation of legal risk prevention measures for intellectual property rights
  • The maintenance, licensing and transfer of the patent application agency and the patent right
  • Patent review, administrative litigation, patent infringement proceedings
  • Trademark, patent literature search, investigation and surveillance
  • Trademark infringement evidence investigation, trademark infringement complaints
  • The trademark registration of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, such as the State Administration of industry and commerce, the director of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • Other trademark international registration related matters
  • Served as a trademark of the legal counsel, to provide trademark legal advice, to write a trademark legal document
  • Trademark agents apply, change, renewal, assignment, fill cards, mortgage registration, licensing contract filing, dissent, cancellation, revocation, and Madrid International Registration etc. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau Trademark Bureau in charge of matters relating to trademarks that
  • Intellectual property trade negotiation, contract drafting and review
  • The protection of copyright and the protection of the rights of the neighboring rights and the protection of the works of folk literature and art
  • Computer software protection, computer software registration, domain name legal advice and domain name registration
  • Anti piracy, anti counterfeiting
  • Technology transfer, proprietary technology licensing, franchising
  • The protection of enterprise trade secret and anti unfair competition
  • Geographical indications and protection of new varieties of plants
  • Integrated circuit protection

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Wechat Name:bbin直营平台哪个稳定,bbin网址,bbin真人,bbin官方直营平台,bbin直营网站多少,bbin直营网哪个好,bbin直营网排名,bbin直营网站靠谱吗,bbin直营平台网址,澳门bbin游戏网站
Wechat Num:bbin直营平台哪个稳定,bbin网址,bbin真人,bbin官方直营平台,bbin直营网站多少,bbin直营网哪个好,bbin直营网排名,bbin直营网站靠谱吗,bbin直营平台网址,澳门bbin游戏网站

bbin直营平台哪个稳定,bbin网址,bbin真人,bbin官方直营平台,bbin直营网站多少,bbin直营网哪个好,bbin直营网排名,bbin直营网站靠谱吗,bbin直营平台网址,澳门bbin游戏网站    bbin直营平台哪个稳定,bbin网址,bbin真人,bbin官方直营平台,bbin直营网站多少,bbin直营网哪个好,bbin直营网排名,bbin直营网站靠谱吗,bbin直营平台网址,澳门bbin游戏网站

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